Electrostatic Painting VS Powder Coating

    The most common response I hear from people when I tell them about the electrostatic painting process, “Is this the same thing as powder coating?” The answer is no, my friend! There are some similarities in electrostatic painting and powder coating, but where powder coating has its weak spots electrostatic painting excels.


On-Site Electrostatic Painting
On-Site Electrostatic Painting

Hand rails after paint in The Plaza of The Americas
Hand rails after paint in The Plaza of The Americas

    Powder coating uses an electrical charge to attract the paint to the metal surface that is to be painted. This process is also used in electrostatic painting to create a strong bond between the metal surface and the paint. In order for the powder coat to cure the metal object must be placed in an oven to bake after it is painted, this is where electrostatic painting surpasses powder coating. Electrostatic paint does not need to be baked in order to cure. This allows our painters to come to you! Our paint will dry in a few hours over night allowing your company to have limited interruption in your regular business. There is no need for you to dismantle and transport the object to be painted; we provide fast on site service for our customers! Electrostatic painting provides an amazing finish that is durable and will last for years!


Electrostatic Painting Benefits

Here are some of the benefits you will gain with our electrostatic painting process.

  • No Overspray – The magnetic charges being sent through the object being painted and the paint cause limited to no overspray. This magnetic attraction also causes the paint to “wrap” around the object covering all the hard to reach areas.
  • Fast Drying – The electrostatic paint cures  completely overnight allowing your business to resume with no interruption!
  • Cost Effective – Companies are choosing to SAVE MONEY by renovating their business and equipment with our electrostatic paint!
  • Durable – The electrostatic paint creates a strong bond comparable to powder coating. Our painting process is much more versatile than powder coating because the electrostatic paint does not need to cook in a oven to dry.
  • Factory Finish – Rejuvenate the look of your business with our high gloss paint! Achieve the professional look needed to be successful with electrostatic painting!
  • Go Green! – Our painting process releases less paint particles into the air giving it distinct green advantages!

Electrostatic Painting

Electro-Static Refinishers, Inc. specializes in the electrostatic painting process of metal surfaces. Our unique electrostatic painting process allows our company to work in and around your busy work schedule.

Cost Effective, Fast, Easy, On-Site, and Overnight!

The electrostatic paint process provides the ultimate look and durability for your metal surfaces. The epoxy paint is atomized into a fine mist and magnetically attracted to the surface being painted creating a strong bond with little to no over spray.

Call us today and see how we can give your company the professional look needed to be successful!

Lockers, Window Mullions, Elevators, Machinery, Office Equipment, Hand Rails, Bathroom Partitions, and Much More!