Here are some of the benefits you will gain with our electrostatic painting process.

  • No Overspray – The magnetic charges being sent through the object being painted and the paint cause limited to no overspray. This magnetic attraction also causes the paint to “wrap” around the object covering all the hard to reach areas.
  • Fast Drying – The electrostatic paint cures  completely overnight allowing your business to resume with no interruption!
  • Cost Effective – Companies are choosing to SAVE MONEY by renovating their business and equipment with our electrostatic paint!
  • Durable – The electrostatic paint creates a strong bond comparable to powder coating. Our painting process is much more versatile than powder coating because the electrostatic paint does not need to cook in a oven to dry.
  • Factory Finish – Rejuvenate the look of your business with our high gloss paint! Achieve the professional look needed to be successful with electrostatic painting!
  • Go Green! – Our painting process releases less paint particles into the air giving it distinct green advantages!