Electrostatic Painting Information

Electrostatic Painting Information

We use a specially formulated Polyurethane or Epoxy paint that is mixed with a catalyst and given a negative charge by our Ransburg #2 electrostatic paint gun. The metal subject is grounded by attaching a wire from our power unit. The paint is then magnetically attracted to the subject. This process allows us to paint metal items in typical office spaces with an 98% transfer efficiency. Typically our work is performed after business hours or on weekends so there is no interruption in your normal business routine. Our process does include thorough cleaning and sanding prior to painting. The paint cures overnight to provide superior adhesion and wear resistance.

It is recommended due to the fumes that the Hvac system must remain on during and after the painting process. The coating transfer efficiency of our process is nearly 100% giving it distinct “GREEN” advantages over other methods. Virtually NO paint particles or mist are released in the air. Less paint is required for complete coverage resulting is far less VOC’s released in the atmosphere.

Typical needs for ESR-

File Cabinets, Office Furniture, Lockers, Machinery, Manufacturing Equipment, Laboratory Cabinets, Elevator Doors, Restroom Partitions, Refrigeration Cabinets, Handrails, Awnings, Light Poles, Storefronts, Door and Window Mullions, Pallet Racks and MUCH MORE!

The electrostatic painting process is perfect for on-site painting of metal items such as those listed above. Due to its unique application process, there is little or no overspray. The paint is literally magnetic and drawn directly to the surface being painted. This allows us to paint in an environment normally not allowed for conventional spraying.