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Give your office a new look overnight with electrostatic painting! Leave a lasting impression on your customers with a great professional look! Fast, Easy, On-Site and Overnight!

Office Furniture
Cabinets project

Dont waste money buying new cabinets, refinish them with our electrostatic painting process! Files can be painted with all the documents still inside!

Bathroom Partitions

Give every part of your business a clean new look! Electrostatic paint creates a strong bond with the metal surfaces that we paint making it last for years with a great finish!

Door & Window Frames

Electrostatic Painting of Window Frames

Electrostatic Painting of Window Frames

Refinish the doors and window frames of your business for a new modern look!


Give the perimeter of your facilities an outstanding long lasting look! Our high gloss electrostatic paint gives the ultimate look to any type of metal fencing!

Electrostatic Painting of a Metal Fence
Railing Painted Withe Electrostatic Paint

Railing that was painted in the Plaza Of Americas. Electrostatic Painting advantages allow our crews to paint within these specific types of environments with no interruption in the business routine!